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Mike Horne, Ph.D.

Mike Horne translates experience and insight into inspiring, meaningful, relevant, and practical keynotes and presentations. Mike's combination of substance and style wins praise from boardroom meetings to large events around the globe. Mike provides outstanding service to ensure that your event is successful. Please speak with Mike before you decide. All audiences and programs differ based on the goals and results you require. Mike will invest his energy to understand your goals to deliver an outstanding presentation to your audience.

Mike's tailors his keynotes and programs to your needs. Mike can help you to:

  • set a tone for your meeting or event
  • focus on values and relationships
  • invigorate your audience
  • renew passion and commitment in your audience
  • help people through change
  • instill and renew purpose
  • link values to behavior
  • help people to understand and to change organizational cultures

Mike delivers value and clients regularly ask Mike to return on multiple occasions in the same year. Mike looks forward to partnering with you! Presentations will vary depending on audience size, length, and format.

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Presentation Topics:

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Developing Others: Self, Others, and Organization in Perspective

Leaders discover enormous personal satisfaction in developing others. In today's environment, developing others can be particularly challenging. Professionals at all levels need to consider a broad range of issues, including organizational culture, diversity, and leadership. Developing talent yield and additional obligation - retention! In this presentation, the audience discovers the elements that help to cultivate personal and organizational talent. You'll begin to put these ideas and skills to use in your organization immediately after the presentation. We'll consider:

This topic gets participants to connect with their own talents, and how to use talent to grow and to develop an organization's culture. Each topic is enlarged for consideration of the individual and the group!

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Inspiring Others: Change Yourself, Change the World

Motivating others begins with an understanding of personal biases and drives. In this fast paced presentation, the audience is introduced to key motivational concepts. From there, audience members learn to inspire others to improved performance and culture. Importantly, we bridge this topic to talent management and succession. This topic consistently enriches those who begin to apply inspirational principles in their personal and professional lives. Mike breaks this topic down, so that audience members can leverage it across their organizations. We'll consider:

This topic draws upon some of the "greats" of the world - from diverse perspectives, cultures, and leadership styles. This high-energy presentation leaves participants ready to change!

Check Mike's availability and request information.

Integrity at Work: Developing Leadership Capacity

Integrity is one of the most discussed and least understood topics in leadership and organizational effectiveness. Acts of integrity create loyalty among followers and customers. This presentation illustrates factors that promote and impede leadership integrity across diverse organizations with distinct cultures. If you've ever wondered how to develop integrity so that you and your organization can live out their vision, this seminar provides many insights. We'll consider:

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From Results to Outcomes: Culture for Competitive Advantage

In the course of our work, we've met few professionals who aren't concerned about the outcomes and results of their work. In the world of constant demands, where the workday literally never ends, the quest for meaningful results is often elusive. Despite elusive results, the outcomes of leadership development work are profound on organizational culture. Partnerships in the organization are central to the creation of positive individual, organizational, and social outcomes. We focus on these objectives:

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Poisoned Cultures: Are there Antidotes?

Today, we are hearing and learning more about the topic of "toxic" leaders and toxic leadership. The number of new book titles, articles, and speeches on this topic is increasing. Despite our enduring fascination with leaders and leadership development, the topic of culture "poison" has never been featured as prominently as it is today. What's going on? Does it have something to do with new and emerging organizational forms or increasingly long workdays? We've moved beyond the ideas of "good" and "bad" leaders and cultures to exploring in deeper ways the pathologies of leaders in organizational environments. We'll consider five topics in this session:

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Climbing and Falling or Learning to Use Your Talents

Have you ever heard or experienced a "climber?" These individuals seek to advance and to acquire additional power, prestige, and reference in organizations. Some perpetually climb, others fail in their pursuits, and still others arrive in significant organizational leadership positions. In leadership development and in organizational culture, robust systems develop talent. The consequences for groups and organizations on developing or on failing to development is significant.. This lively session engages your consideration of values in practice, as we consider these items:

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In the Service of Others

Did you ever work in a group that lost its focus because it was so busy trying to discover its purpose? Mike spent years with executives and other groups pulling his hair out of his head as they struggled for perfect word. It wasn't that the struggles weren't heroic, they were - but in the end did the task to choose "a" over "the" really make a difference? Teams the focus on the service of others, and choose service to others over self-interest, have compelling stories. In this action packed seminar, we trace highs and lows of group experiences in developing sustainable performance cultures. Among the items considered:

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Hi-Octane Blends for Work and Life

Mike Horne writes extensively on blending life and work, winning praise from audiences for his clear and to the heart messages that inspire change. Working with the concept that individuals are the chief executives of their lives, Mike encourages others to work and to live courageously. Consider the impact of roles and relationships on group and organizational performance. Learn the six key strategies for growing an organizational culture that effectively blends work and life. In this presentation, audience members actively engage in these topics:

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